HSNO Global

Founded in the US in 1973, HSNO is a leading, internationally recognised firm of Certified Public Accountants, which specialises in litigation support, insurance services and fraud & financial investigations. We pride ourselves on prompt service to clients throughout the world and our ability to perform accurate and complete analysis of a large volume of data.


HSNO has a breadth of experience in forensic and insurance claims accounting that includes aspects such as financial data analysis, review of relevant economic issues, gathering evidence and expert witness testimony. Our advanced technology platform enhances the data mining process allowing us to find and consolidate the appropriate financial evidence for litigation, arbitration and court proceedings.


HSNO is also known for its proven ability to analyse, measure and report accurate economic damages resulting from business interruption, lost profits, construction defects, business valuation cases, intellectual property infringement, and many other causes. Our professionals assist lawyers and insurers with determining financial loss, often uncovering crucial pieces of evidence in the process.


As we’ve continued to grow so too has our range of capabilities.
Our investigative skills supported by advanced technology assist our global clients in mitigating costs and reducing the time associated with preparing for and responding to legal and economic damage issues.

Due to our specialisation in forensic accounting, we have few conflicts of interest.

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