Four HSNO Partners Lead New Cyber Risk Service

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.48.52 AMAs the risk of cyber fraud has become more prevalent these days, more and more businesses—both large and small—are turning to cyber risk insurance to protect their assets. Projected to reach $2.4 billion this year, the market for cyber risk insurance premiums is growing. At HSNO we have seen our case load for cyber fraud increase by 425% in just one year, and consequently have determined it is the right time to create a service line specifically dedicated to the intricacies of financial analysis for this type of fraud.

To lead the charge, four partners with experience measuring financial damages related to cyber losses have been assigned to lead this department. These four partners include Dallas-based CEO Peter Hagen, one of the co-founding partners of HSNO with over 30 years of expertise in forensic accounting, including the management of over $4 billion in claims; Craig Streiff, a partner out of the Southern California office who specializes in financial evaluation of damage claims; Dan Devine, serving as a partner in New Jersey with nearly 30 years of experience in the field; and Daniel Williams, a Partner in the Oakland office of HSNO with expertise in the financial evaluation of damage claims and fraud cases.

For more information about this new service line, please visit the Cyber Fraud page.